Drumming: Great for the body, mind and soul

As we all know a New Year more often than not means...New Year, New You. As we dive deep into February 2017, the importance of taking care of yourself body, mind and soul is as important as ever. But why should that mean you have to create a whole new you? Maybe you just need to take a closer look at the old you and see what you can do to enhance you! 

And that's where drumming comes in! Did you know that the Royal College of Music conducted a survey recently which examined the effects of mental health and the effect drumming could have on it. Researchers found that weekly sessions on a drum kit reduced the feelings of depression by 38%. Of course this is a sample study conducted on a small group of people, however when you really think about it, the concentration you need to focus on drumming does definitely take your mind to another place whilst you're rocking out! Musical therapy and in particular drum therapy is on the rise, the sensory benefits are astounding and really do your whole body the world of good.

As for your body, you do not need any specific ability to be able to drum, that's what makes it so great anyone can do it. Whether you sound good is another thing, but that's nothing that you can't learn along the way.  Drumming is fun and let's face it when isn't that good for your soul! It can be a social activity and allows you to be part of such a vast and flourishing community. 

We want you to be the best you, you can be! Drums and drumming can really offer you that! Don't believe us check out our testimonials page.

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